About Best  Doctors, Inc.

Best Doctors, Inc. of Boston, MA and Aiken, SC is the  global leader in providing information about, and access to, the best medical  care in the U.S. and around the world. For over a decade, the company has been  conducting the largest independent surveys of the medical profession to identify  the doctors that other doctors consider to be the best in their specialties. The  Best Doctors surveys also identify outstanding local primary care physicians.  

The Best Doctors polling methodology is designed to mimic the informal  peer-peer referral process that doctors themselves use to identify appropriate  specialists for their patients. The company has expanded this local process to  include regional and national groups of physicians. Using extensive proprietary  polling and balloting software, the company’s peer- reviewed surveys bring  together the insights and experience of tens of thousands of leading specialists  all over the country, eliminating the biases that can distort smaller-scale  surveys

The proprietary 2013-2014 Best Doctors in AmericaÒ database  includes more than 30,000 doctors in 43 specialties and over 400 subspecialties,  representing all 50 states and the District of Columbia. These are the doctors  that other doctors recognize and turn to for themselves and their families. And  since doctors are not required nor allowed to pay a fee to be listed, Best  Doctors has gained the respect of the medical profession and patients alike as  an unbiased source of top quality medical information

Best Doctors uses  its database to support a family of high-touch, as well as web-based services  that link individuals with serious illness to these expert medical specialists  for second opinions or treatment. The company has developed detailed profiles of  the doctors in its database, (special areas of research, diagnoses treated most  often, etc), enhancing its ability to guide individuals to the doctors most  experienced to advise on and/or treat the illness in question. In addition, all  doctors are checked for licensing and certification requirements and for any  disqualifying disciplinary actions. Individuals requiring access to these  services may contact the company at 800-675-1199, or through its award-winning  web site www.bestdoctors.com

“Best Doctors”, “The Best Doctors in  America” and the Best Doctors logo are registered trademarks of Best Doctors,  Inc., and are used under license.


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