Why we are not HMO-free now

Why we are not HMO-free now
By David F. Jaffe M.D.

January 10, 2005

Dear Colleague:

As you may know, my office took a stance against managed care companies about five years ago. At that time, we decided we could not provide quality care to our patients under the often ridiculous constraints of the HMO referral system. We terminated our HMO contracts and have operated ?HMO Free? from that day until now.

The health care insurance environment has continued to evolve since that time. As a result of physician and patient opposition, and sometimes as a result of legislation, many of the restrictive referral policies to which I objected when I burned my HMO contracts have changed.

Recently, my office manager and I undertook a thorough review of insurance plans in our area. After careful negotiation, we have agreed to participate in several managed care plans. We have been assured in each instance that our patients will have direct access to the dermatological care they need and that our office will not be restricted in providing medically necessary services in a timely manner.

Please advise your office staff that we now participate with the following insurance plans:

Alliance/Mamsi PPO only
AmeriChoice (formerly United HealthCare Medicaid)
Carefirst BlueCross BlueShield PPO, BlueChoice HMO, Federal Employee Plan, Point of Service
Champus PPO only
Coventry PPO/HMO
Fidelity PPO
MailHandlers PPO
Private Health Care Systems (PHCS) PPO

As always, we will strive to make ourselves available to your patients regardless of insurance coverage. We hope, though, that these changes will prove beneficial.


David F. Jaffe, M.D.